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About Wypto

About Wypto

Wypto is an online store for Hardware Wallets focused on delivering high-end products with the necessary knowledge and support.

Our team has been active for years in Cryptocurrency and even started mining (some) Bitcoin in 2013. We of course now wish we mined more.

Our interest has always stayed in the Cryptocurrency world and we wanted to address the safety measures that need to be taken when you are in fact "your own bank".

This means more than insuring you use optimized password management and 2FA to log into your online accounts. 

Hardware Wallets are one of the most important links to storing your private keys in a safe way, and it is Wypto's objective to ensure our clients protect their belongings.

Wypto is an official reseller for Trezor & KeepKey. We are also a registered partner for (the largest online store in Belgium & Holland) with one of the highest scores: 9.8.

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